K.I.T.T. get me out of here

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I was working on some papers… well the first one was just released in the Windows Developer magazine with the title “K.I.T.T. hol mich hier raus” (K.I.T.T. get me our of here) and featured how to connect a Microsoft Band with a Raspberry Pi via a Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Continue reading →

Multi Language Translator

A few months ago a friend of mine who worked on a project to help refugees after arriving in Germany with their daily routines and of course their education, asked me or a favor. Obviously they had some issues communicating with the kids, which came from several different countries with at least as much different languages.

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Thyssen-Krupp-Quartier Hyperlapse

At last, I finished writing some papers and got some time again. But I didn’t want to spend it right back at the computer (okay to be honest I did, but not completely ;)) and so I tought: Hmm, reviving one of my old hobbies sounds like a good idea: Timelapse photography. Since we all need to evolve I wanted to add something new and decided to do a hyperlapse. Continue reading →