Remote controlled Nerf Gun

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At the moment it’s little bit quite in here, I guess some people already have seen some tumbleweed flying by… well, that’s because I’m currently putting most of my free time into my other project – The Microdudes.

Take a look there to see my latest project: A remote controlled Nerfgun

Basically I took an Arduino, integrated it inside the Nerfgun and added an Ethernet Connection. The next part which will be published soon, will then cover the installation of a Nano Wifi Router and the Phone App to control the Nerfgun remotely.

Have fun and if you got some further ideas, please tell me 😉

Felix Reisch is a professional and passionate software engineer employed at adesso AG in Dortmund, Germany. His main objectives are ASP.NET Web Applications and Apps for the Universal Windows Platform. In his spare time he likes rock climbing and playing around with everything that contains the letters IoT.

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